Hi! Welcome to my new blog :). This is so exciting for me! I’ve tinkered around with blogging before, but this is my first try at making it consistent and awesome. Just kidding, I’m not that awesome…but I am going to be blogging a lot more and seeking out ways to reach and connect with readers.

So, Lattes & Letters. I thought of the name because when I think of the essence of this blog, I think of sitting in a coffee shop drinking an almond milk latte, listening to music and writing what’s on my heart and in my mind. That has always been a place where I find my inspiration and feel creative. Not to say it doesn’t happen other places, and obviously I won’t be writing every post in a coffee shop, but I feel the title just describes an overall theme and vibe that I’ll be going for. Plus, it’s cute, right? :).

Speaking of being creative, this blog is a big part of my recent mission to find creativity again in my life. Unfortunately, I got to a place where I felt I was defined by my day job, and I wasn’t doing anything creative or inspiring for my soul. I used to write music, write in my journals all the time, scrapbook, paint, etc. And recently I’ve just been in this dry spot creatively…and it wasn’t good. SO, here I am! I’ve also been doing weekly video blogs on YouTube with my husband, which is a blast (link below). I’m going to be blogging about life and also my interests, which are vast but can include the likes of coffee drinking (my husband is actually the king of coffee a later post I will show you why), and definitely the whole food/fitness/body image situation in our society, among other things. I’ll be writing about Nashville and things I love, and my endeavor to find adventures in our every day life. Who knows where this blog will end up, but it’s going to be fun, and I thank you for reading :). Be sure to check out my About page up top (Hello lovely), and let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to post about. I always love new ideas!

Woot woot! Let’s go! Have a beautiful day, guys!



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